Multi-Scale Medical Robotics Center

Project Leader: Prof. Samuel AU / Prof. Philip CHIU
Key Technology Area: Robotics
Industrial Sectors: Medical and Caring
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Through funding support of the HKSAR Government, the Multi-Scale Medical Robotics Center (MRC) was established in April 2020 by the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Engineering of CUHK in collaboration with ETH Zürich, Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins University and The University of Hong Kong.


The MRC laboratory is positioned to enable translational research and productisation of novel surgical robotic technologies, through the R&D programmes of Endoluminal Multiscale Robotic Platforms for Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Magnetic-guided Endoluminal Robotic Platform, and Imaged-Guided Robotics Intervention. The Hybrid Operating Room of the MRC Lab, equipped with MRI and Robotic-Assisted C-Arm X-ray Imaging System (Artis Zeego) machines, enables real-time, intra-operational medical imaging during surgical robotics interventions R&D, which is a one-of-its-kind facility in Asia that is fully dedicated to R&D and preclinical evaluations of new surgical robots and medical devices via live animal and cadaveric studies.


MRC is well connected with industry, and serves as a synergistic platform for clinicians, engineers, and researchers from local and overseas top-rank universities to contribute their efforts through transdisciplinary collaborations, to enable the acceleration of new IP generations, pre-clinical evaluations and the commercialisation of novel surgical robots, and to ultimately benefit patients and communities worldwide.